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General Manager


Blake served 6 years in the Air Force dealing with power production & aircraft arresting systems. He is currently furthering his education with classes in computer programming, network management, and other computer related classes. Blake was promoted to Facility Manager in January of 2017 and General Manager of North American Cold Storage Inc. and P & B Cold Storage, Inc. in 2019.


Facility Manager

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In 2009 I worked my first manufacturing/warehouse job as a production operator. During my orientation the trainer told me "never do more than you have to do, otherwise it'll be expected of you going forward". That moment was the opening of my future in management simply because I disagreed with my trainer's "advice". I wanted to be successful and prove that I am worthy of greater responsibility. I personally look at a job as an opportunity to make a difference in my life and others. The company I started with in manufacturing/warehousing expanded to a suburb outside of Atlanta, GA. During that time I was promoted into management at the new facility then eventually took measures in my own hands to further my management education at Georgia Piedmont Technical College. I spent countless and restless hours working and going to school but, it was an opportunity of a lifetime and has lead me to where I am at today. I am blessed to have an opportunity to provide for my family, so I need to be all that is expected of me to make ends meet. The greatest joy and blessing from God is my family. There is nothing more important in life than spending quality time with my wife and son. Working at NACS has made it possible to have a healthy work/life balance. 


Inventory Control Manager


Daryl has had a long career in management & administrative work in the cold storage warehousing industry. He has been with North American Cold Storage since we opened & was instrumental in setting up and managing our inventory systems.


Safety & Training Coordinator

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Eric has been in the food industry for 26 plus years. Starting in restaurants back in 1997, he continued with this until around 2015 when he became interested in the supply chain aspect. Eric has been in the cold storage industry for 10 plus years now having started as a dock worker “out on the floor” with North American Cold Storage in 2015. Since then, Eric has held various positions with North American Cold Storage and P & B Cold Storage (sister companies) including team supervision, inventory control and his latest promotion to Safety and Training Coordinator for both facilities. This gives Eric the opportunity to work one on one with will all of the floor staff to ensure everyone has the proper and ongoing training. Eric helps with creating, implementing and maintaining policies related to his leadership position.


Safety Director


Jim has also been with North American Cold Storage  and P & B Cold Storage since they opened and has helped create many of the company's policies. He has also been involved with many of the company's high level decisions and strategies. Jim has a second career in law enforcement.


Human Resource Director

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Professionally, I am an HR Director with over 10 years of industry expertise.  A dedicated member of SHRM for the past 5 years.  I believe Human Resources is the heart of the company, playing a central role in talent management, fostering a positive workplace culture, and ensuring employees’ well-being.  Recognizes the dual responsibility of Human Resources - not only to assist and support employees but to safeguard and protect the company’s interests.  I am known for fostering open communications, being approachable and maintaining an open-door policy.  I enjoy being able to help others with the abundance of resources that I have.


Personally, I am a mom of 2 and a bonus mom of 2, and Gigi to 11! I come from a large family.  I am the big sister of 14 siblings. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania – moved to Indiana in 1990. I enjoy cooking, reading, crafting, restoring antiques, and every Friday my husband and I look for a new place to eat pizza!

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