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Over 50 years of combined experience insures that we have the tools and expertise to meet all of your cold storage warehousing needs.

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With more than 50 years of combined high-level experience in the public refrigeration warehousing business, Michael Betten and Scott Parker founded North American Cold Storage, Inc., in 2013. They assembled a seasoned warehouse team including many seasoned cold storage veterans at various positions. The owners are both "hands on" members of the team. The Woodburn, Ind., facility is the gateway for all future strategically placed facilities that NACS will build.


In addition, we realize that one of the secrets to a company's success is to recognize and value their employees. NACS has an obligation to empower their employees with every available method including remarkable wages and benefits, flex time and furthering education to mention a few.


Our Mission at North American Cold Storage is to offer the most cost effective and reliable services to our customers, treat customers as valuable partners and treat employees as the valuable assets they are. We will work openly and honestly in every aspect of our business.

Building Phase One



With our strategically designed facility in Woodburn IN, North American Cold Storage offers a wide variety of "standard" warehouse services and will always work with customers for any required special or proprietary services needed. Rest assured that our count verification system, RF Scanning, Temperature Management System and our staff will protect the integrity of your product!

Services are not limited to just warehouse type offerings. Custom programming, integrate and operate off of customer systems, onsite  customer management just to mention a few. North American Cold Storage believes that it is our job to ensure our customers have whatever tools they need to manage their supply chain.

Ice Cream, Cooler, Special Temperature & General Storage


Slip Sheeting


Quick Freezing
Cross Docking



Contract Warehousing
Stretch Wrapping

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Scott Parker

Scott is a member of BMP Real Estate Holdings, LLC and the President of North American Cold Storage, Inc. He has been in the cold storage industry for over 25 years. He is in charge of all aspects of the operations as well as the primary spokesperson for the company.

Mike Betten

Mike is Manager/Member of BMP Real Estate Holdings, LLC and Chief Financial Officer of North American Cold Storage. Mike manages all financial and strategical decisions for the company. Mike is a self made entrepreneur with 25 years in the financial service industry. He has also owned a chain of restaurants in the Midwest throughout four states.



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